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Touch up your look with hints of color and patterns, uplifting any look. Wrapping it around like a bandana, a scarf or tuck in your shirt - these foulards give you the extra hint of flamboyance a hot summer asks for.

Summer Wardrobe


Lounging around the flower gardens in the city or blowing in the wind on the ocean fronts, there is nothing that gives me the Summer thrills more than blowing in the wind in a silky statement shirt!



This RRR mask

is my way to give something to make you feel graceful and to start this new era with the right intention. The mask allows you to be safe around your loved ones showing the world how much we have changed in ourselves...

“When love, positivity and imagination can make the difference going forward. I believe in responding to negativity with beauty and color.”


One thing my friends and family know me for is that I literally live in my robes ; I’ve created Robes that represent myself , the soft volumes make me feel sexy and elegant yet at the same time in comfort and relaxed as I am at home.  Robes are my type of inwear outfit for every day. I love to float around in them and feel graceful in every moment of the day, especially behind doors of my beloved Florentine home welcoming guests and setting the right atmosphere for a garden aperitivo.

Hoodies & T-Shirts

This station allows you to tune into my wild thoughts and imaginations. This capsule embodies tees celebrating both 4/20 and show that the act of creation is the greatest source of happiness and if you can use your creativity towards sending a message spreading positivity, do it ! It brings me so much joy expressing , doing what I do and sharing it with you